NFT Games: Best Horror NFT Games

Introduction to the best Horror NFT Games.


7/7/20233 min read

NFT Games: Best Horror NFT GamesNFT Games: Best Horror NFT Games

NFT Games: Best Horror NFT Games

With the rise of blockchain technology, Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) have taken the digital world by storm. NFTs have revolutionized various industries, including art, collectibles, and now even gaming. NFT games combine the thrill of immersive gameplay with the uniqueness and ownership of blockchain-powered assets. This blog post will delve into two intriguing NFT games: Araya and World of Whack It, each offering distinct experiences and catering to different gaming preferences.

Araya: A Terrifying Adventure

Araya, an action-adventure game, takes players on a spine-chilling journey through an abandoned Thai hospital. Developed by a team that understands the essence of fear, Araya immerses players in a world of jump scares and eerie encounters. The game features three different character storylines, each offering a unique and terrifying perspective on the mysteries hidden within the hospital's walls.

To embark on your Araya adventure, follow these steps:

  1. Create an account on the Araya website by clicking the button in the top right corner.

  2. Login to your profile and visit the Balances section to purchase 20 FEAR tokens, the in-game currency.

  3. Download the game and play through the introductory chapter.

  4. Pay your 20 FEAR tokens within the game to unlock the Survive2Earn chapters.

  5. Optionally, enhance your gameplay experience by purchasing a Torch, which can make your journey through the darkness easier.

Araya introduces an innovative concept called "Survive2Earn." This feature allows players to earn back the 20 FEAR tokens spent on the game by completing each of the ten chapters. The amount earned depends on various factors, such as the number of items collected, the time taken to complete a chapter, and the number of deaths endured. Araya also offers additional items, such as Full Moon and Ray of Hope, which assist players during their terrifying exploration of the hospital.

Let's take a look at what players have to say about Araya:

  • Tiddus shares, "I recommend this game; it's great! It provides guaranteed thrills for horror fans!"

  • Acid exclaims, "Try to survive this abandoned Thai hospital full of jump scares... if you dare! The game offers unlimited access to ten scary chapters, and you can win back your 20 FEAR tokens by completing each chapter!"

  • Tony Shark 🦈🦈 simply states, "I love this game!"

World of Whack It: Dark Humor Unleashed

For those seeking a different gaming experience, World of Whack It offers a darkly humorous and entertaining adventure. This NFT game combines four highly animated and choreographed idle clicker games into one package. Whack Your Neighbour, Whack the Burglars, Whack the Creeps, and Whack the Serial Killer each provide horrifying, hilarious, and outrageous ways to unleash your anger on virtual enemies.

In World of Whack It, you take control of Patrick, his girlfriend Lisa, and their loyal German Shepherd Dog, Whisky. Witness the deaths of the enemies you encounter in horrifying detail as you discover and orchestrate their demises.

Let's explore the four games within World of Whack It:

  1. Whack your Neighbour: Patrick, Lisa, and Whisky find themselves being harassed by an intrusive neighbor. It's time to teach him a lesson he won't forget.

  2. Whack the Burglars: Home Alone was just a warm-up for Patrick. When burglars break into his house, they quickly realize they picked the wrong home to target.

  3. Whack the Creeps: Lisa wants to enjoy a quiet drink at her favorite bar, but creepy guys won't leave her alone. It's time to take matters into your own hands and eliminate the creeps.

  4. Whack the Serial Killer: Lisa has been kidnapped and locked in a basement by a sinister serial killer. It's up to you to save her by eliminating the twisted murderer.

World of Whack It offers a refreshing take on gaming with its brutal animations, original kill methods, and a humorous twist on horror. Here's what players have to say:

  • Mr. Ak47 comments with a mischievous laugh, "Hihihi."

  • Acid raves, "Absolutely love these animated series! If you like blood-soaked animated horror games with a humorous twist, World of Whack It is your thing!"

  • Tony Shark 🦈🦈 declares, "This game is not scary; it is FUN!"

To dive into the darkly humorous realms of World of Whack It, visit the product page.

In conclusion, NFT games have opened up new horizons in the gaming industry by combining blockchain technology, immersive experiences, and ownership of unique assets. Araya and World of Whack It represent two distinctive NFT game experiences. Araya offers a terrifying adventure through an abandoned hospital, complete with jump scares and multiple character storylines, while World of Whack It presents a darkly humorous series of idle clicker games where players can creatively eliminate enemies.

If you're a horror fan seeking a thrilling and immersive adventure, Araya is the game for you. On the other hand, if you enjoy dark humor and want a unique way to release your anger on virtual foes, World of Whack It is a game that will provide plenty of entertainment.

Don't miss out on the exciting world of NFT games—explore Araya and World of Whack It today!

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